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NLP/AI based Compliance Platform

Whenever a company wants to comply with the national or global standards of cybersecurity, they have to go through a vast process which comprises different activities that require different personnel to engage themselves. The process therefore is lengthy, time consuming, and costly. Furthermore, the work being done, in this regard, in the industry nowadays is done manually. Maintaining excel sheets and gathering of evidence and then regular meetings with the CISOs in a company is a time-consuming process as well as requires a lot of manual labor.

ComplySimplify is therefore a web application which automates all this process and brings it down to a platform where the existing workforce of a company can engage themselves in the application and follow simple steps to comply with the local or international standards of cybersecurity. To be competitive in the market, we have introduced the concept of AI and NLP in our application which makes us distinguished from the competitors. This shall make the process further smooth and faster and beneficial for the companies.